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Outside my window right now.

Moon over Portsmouth, NH

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Food Truck Fest 2014, Red Hook, Portsmouth NH

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Ivy in Portsmouth, NH

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Goodbye, summer.

Sandcastles at Rye Beach, Sept 2nd 2014

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Zach’s Farm in York, ME

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“My mom’s supportive. She’s a nurse and protested for her job years ago, she said she’s proud of me.”


I am so happy we saved you

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Portsmouth Police Blotter, Sept. 8: 12:18pm — “A resident reported receiving magazine subscriptions she did not order and said she was also getting calls from spas reprimanding her for not showing up, but she never made the appointments.”

#PortsmouthProblems is like #firstworldproblems but like…on a whole other level.

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Another thing I love about portsmouth is that I am surrounded by cute little animals 100% of the time.