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Crosspoint Physical Therapy, Portsmouth NH on Flickr.

If you live in the seacoast and you need ANY kind of physical therapy, this is the place to go.

I have problems with my back, neck, and joints. I went to three different physical therapists for over two years and I never saw any results until I started seeing Gary Mercer at Crosspoint. He’s been a blessing.

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the long delay in-between posts.

I wanted to write a little shout-out to a new-ish shop in Portsmouth/Rye called “brie’s boutique." It’s the shop right next to The Golden Egg, out on Sagamore Ave.

We went today and saw SO MUCH incredibly cute stuff. They carry mostly clothing, jewelry, accessories, art, and decor.

Bamboo Easel: 49$
Vintage Sears and Roebuck Mink Hat: $10
Sterling Silver Snake Ring: $15

I also spotted a GREAT tiled mirror that used to be at Cool Jewels. Definitely make a point to check this place out next time you are in the Seacoast area! It is very affordable and the proprietor is so cute and sweet. Such a good find!

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Hey Portsmouth!

Don’t forget to vote for City Council!!!!

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The Friendly Toast is under new ownership.  Will we see some changes…?

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Portsmouth New Hampshire sunset : Woodbury ave

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Portsmouth Herald Police Logs, October 2013

5:52 p.m. — Took a report of a man who appeared to be deceased in the Vaughan Mall. After further investigation, the man claimed he was conducting a psychological experiment.”

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Wild Random Backyard Turkey on Flickr.

From my condo window in Portsmouth: random backyard turkey.