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Portsmouth Police Blotter, Sept. 8: 12:18pm — “A resident reported receiving magazine subscriptions she did not order and said she was also getting calls from spas reprimanding her for not showing up, but she never made the appointments.”

#PortsmouthProblems is like #firstworldproblems but like…on a whole other level.

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Another thing I love about portsmouth is that I am surrounded by cute little animals 100% of the time.

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06.05.14: Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Public Meeting, Portsmouth, NH

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I don’t care how long the boycott lasts. We’re in it for the long haul!

Save Arthur T!

Save Market Basket!

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A Story of Corporate Greed



Hey look kids! It’s story time! This has an open ending though because it’ll be up to you to vote for the outcome. Under the cut cause it’s long and I’m still livid.

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Leave Our Profit Sharing Alone: Stop the Corporate Greed

Some may remember when Market Basket had to fight to keep Arthur T. Demoulas as its proper owner. Sure, we did alright with that, but there were a new group of people installed after the fact that took over our profit sharing in a short time in the aftermath.

For those who aren’t aware: Market Basket has a very, very promising profit share system- $500 million in the last decade alone have been paid out in dividends- to any employee over the age of 21. It is earned automatically, even when part time. Depending on how hard you work, the company puts money aside for you upon your retirement from the company. You do have to work for a certain amount of years to fully access it upon leaving the company, but the money is completely yours without taxes applied to it. That is VERY significant for someone working at a grocery store, to have that assurance of a retirement fund that won’t get touched by the government.

Of course, corporate greed struck again with the unwilling implementation of the new Profit Sharing team; they were added after the Board decided that it was a costly endeavor and that they wanted more control over this ‘problem’. Within 10 months they have invested poorly, kicked off managers who had worked for the Profit Sharing program for free, made decisions without any say-so to the Board, and told slanderous lies about the situations on the program. On top of this, this comes from wanting to make the trustees not us, the hard working members of the company, but a completely out-of-area NY investment firm.

In short, they want to take the profit sharing money and instead invest in their money so they can get more and we get next to jack shit. Oh, another quick PSA on that last line: “The board also said management representatives had declined to participate in committee meetings with the new firm.” This has outright been proven false, in order to make the representatives look very poor, when in truth they had not been properly given the choice to.

The board has acted abysmally, and so we’ve started a petition to stop the board and get them out of the company- and out of our Profit Sharing Program. If you have a moment, and are angered by corporate greed and want to help fight against a very bullshit classist action, please consider signing the petition and/or signal boosting.


The story of what is happening with Market Basket right now is an amazing story to follow. The stakes are high. If Arthur T. is not reinstated as CEO, your grocery bill WILL go up.

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Portsmouth, NH on a midsummer night’s eve, 2010

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